Thursday, July 11, 2013

Face of the Franchise

Anaheim BacteriaKarim Puente – SS - 10 years with the team; good hitting SS with quality defense. Had a devastating injury that forced him to 3B but still produces.

Austin Powers – - Ray Boesch - SP - This 24 year old SP, was an All-Star in his two seasons in the league so far. He should be our number 1 starter for years to come. Threw over 200 IP per year. Wins games. Will do better with a better leader behind the plate. Check him out !

Boise Mountain Hawks Willis Randall - SP - The catchphrase in Boise is still, "Wait Until Next Year". With lots of players still developing in the farm system, the one that sticks out in the ML squad is Randall. Randall has been the best pitcher in the Boise system for the past 4 years and finally got his call up this offseason. There's some concern that his curveball never developed properly and tends to hang against right handed hitters. As long as he can limit his mistakes to righties, he should be our squads #1 pitcher until a true ace can be acquired. 

Burlington Mustains
Charlotte Kyoudai Musu

Cincinnati Stingers Harry Reynolds - DH -  I would have to say future Hall of Famer Harry Reynolds has been the face of my franchise over the past 11 seasons since becoming a Stinger. He is one of Ichiro's all-time greats and probably the greatest shorststop in the history of our league.

Fargo CatsPete LeCure - RF

Florida FlameTony Ueno - 1b - Switch-hitting 1B is the face of the Florida Flame.This 8-time Silver Slugger,5-time All Star has been a two-time MVP and Rookie of the Year.Still onlt 31 years old,he has compiled career stats of a .314 AVG,.445 OBP,.596 SLG and 412 HR's.This season he led to the Flames to the World Seris title and in the postseason hit .414 with a .567 OBP and .900 SLG along with 10 HR's-a true Hall of Famer with several seasons to go

Honolulu Tsunami

Jacksonville Cubbies Jordan Norton - 2b- The face to the Cubbies franchise. He was the #2 overall pick in the season 22 Amateur draft. In his second full season in the majors, he accumulated 200 hits and scored 134 runs. In both of his seasons in the majors he has been voted into the All Star classic at 2B. In his second season, he won the silver slugger award at 2B. He makes numerous charity appearances for no financial gain. Says he wants to stay a Cubbie for his entire career.

Kansas City Scouts –Troy Henderson - DH- Longest everyday player with the team. # 1 draft pick and is among all time team leader in HRs, RBIs, BA.

Las Vegas Hangovers- Cal Trammell – SP – This workhorse has been a lifer with the Vegas franchise. Called up at the ripe age of 19, Trammell is the franchise leader in Wins, strikeouts, innings pitched, games started, snot balls, etc...He has come back strong from a gruesome injury last season to once again anchor the Hangovers.

Louisville Sluggers Flash Shea - 2b - Not often is a 19 yr old the face of a franchise but with a full rebuild this kid represents the future cornerstone of the Sluggers.

Madison Beavers - Paul Hoffman - 2b - The Dan Uggla with a batting average. He’s hit 35 or more homers in each of his first 3 full seasons and driven in 100 or more each season while playing what Madison consider league average 2b defensively.

Mexico city BorrachosAlexei Rodriguez - 1b - It was a tough choice between him and Cruz but a-rod gets it as he's stronger against righties. A deadly hitter who is still recouping from an injury a couple seasons ago, this guy has a bat that I'll put up against anyone in the league.

Milwaukee n/a'sKeith Garcia - RF - Definitely Keith Garcia. He was the #3 overall pick in the season 17 draft. The first of my tenure as owner of the club. He was a late season call-up in season 21 and was a major contributor for this franchise in its first postseason appearance since season 2. Last season signed a 5-year extension to stay with the ball club with this next crop of players who I have high expectations for.

New Britain Bombadiers - Norberto Blanco - C - 4-time all-star who was a rising star during multiple playoff runs starting in season 18 and now is the face of the franchise as I rebuild and reload for a new playoff run soon! 

Philadelphia TrappersRichie Walters - C - He has averaged .311/40hr/103rbi over his first 4 years in the majors. Is there a better 75 OVR player out there?

Pittsburgh Pounders Babe Towers - CF. - He was my first No 1 draft pick as owner of the team and last year won rookie of the year honors. He is the centerpiece of a rebuilding project that hope to have Pittsburgh back in the play-offs for the first time in 10 years.

Sacramento Savages- Eric Hill - SP - The savages acquired the struggling SP in season 14 to fill in as a 5th starter. Despite his poor splits, Hill thrived with the Savages, earning numerous All-Star appearances and being a major part of back-to-back championships. At age 37, Hill is still a horse for the Savages, and is continuing to pile on the wins (220 +) and strikeouts (nearly 2,800)

San Francisco Begonias- Ben Corbin -  Rl - Of the current players, the "Face of the Franchise" is probably Ben Corbin. We drafted him in the 2nd round in Season 11, and he has been with us ever since. He is second all-time on our team in Starts, and 4th in Wins and Strikeouts. He is one of only two remaining Begonias to have played on our Season 18 champions.

San Juan Pirata - Darin Banks - 1b -  This was a tougher decision than I thought it would be. My heart wants to say Christopher Pearson because of his length of time with the team, strong defensive play at Catcher, and solid bat. However, my head says it has to be Darin Banks, plays every day and is a threat for 50+ HR's and 140+ RBI's every year. He is the traditional power bat in the middle of San Juans lineup and at just 28 years old he hopefully has many more productive years ahead of him!

Seattle Pilots- Domingo Palmeiro - RL - 29 years old 7 years with club Season 17 ifa, Fireman of the year 3 times, 6 time all-star, Season 20 World Series champion,253 career saves, 2.05 career era

Sioux Falls Scalpers- Michel Baez - 1b - Face of the Scalpers would be Michel Baez. Very simply put he has played his whole career with the franchise, one of the best hitters in the game with a consistent .315 35hr 120rbi stat line. More walks than strikeouts and should be a hall of famer when it is all said and done

St. Louis RoversCarl Purcell - (RL)

Syracuse MarshalsDaniel Hansen – C - He never complains.

Tacoma Method - Dale Hogan - CF - At 25 he still has an upside to him to meet some of his projections and with them he is very versatile player for the Method. In that he can play most positions and has a decent enough bat to hold his own and we can only hope he wants to stay in Tacoma for his career.

Tampa Bay Black Dogs

Texas RangersReed Howard - SP

Toledo BerserkersChris Benson - SS - He is the player people are coming to the stadium to see. He has been with Toledo since the draft and he is an exciting player. His defensive tools will be on display this season, his first in the bigs. He is a prankster and keeps the locker room loose. He has been seen in the dugout dancing gangnam style and the ladies have been known to go wild for him.

Trenton Hazmats

Wichita Shockers

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