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*2 years or less of service time

Anaheim Bacteria
2B - Harry Trinidad – Boasting a big power bat Trinidad has brought it to the show. In first half of games he has knocked out 17 home runs in his rookie campaign and could be a knock for 30 home runs on a yearly basis.
P - Dave Romero - This hard throwing do it all pitcher for Anaheim has given voteforlou a very serviceable arm to bring in early, late doesn’t matter to Romero because when he is in he has been lights out and looks to be a staple in the staff for the Bacteria for years to come.

Austin Powers -
SP - Ray Boesch – The number 2 pick in season 21 has been buying his time awaiting the call up to Austin young pitching staff and he has the making of a #1 starter. A 3 pitch guy who mixes his nasty curve along with a slider and change can only wait and dominate AAA guys until he reaches the big and joins Gregg, Santiago, De La Rosa, and Patterson to help Austin climb out of the NL East and into the playoffs.
3B -Bill Stafford – Stafford burst onto the scene last year winning Rookie of the Year, hitting 39 home runs while driving 113 runs. His sophomore season has gotten off to a rocky start, hitting only .249 and striking out 67 times. Still high hopes for the 2nd year kid who will look to regain his rookie of the year form and lead the young Austin offense.

Burlington Black Arrows
C -Carl Cammack – The young C will be bringing one heck of a bat once he is called up. His mixture of contact, power and batting eye will certainly give opposing pitchers fits. His defensive will never be mix in the conversation with the gold glovers but his bat should be enough to make a name for himself once he is called up to the show.
RP – Horacio Chavez – Season 21s 9th overall pick will soon be shutting the down for the Black Arrows for years to come. His ability to get both righties and lefties out with his fastball and nasty curve ball on a nightly basis will be a great asset for Burlington.

Charlotte Rae's
3B - Gio Cordero – The international signing back in season 19 has paid off for the powerful Charlotte Rae’s ball club. Cordero in his first full season hit .295, scored 90 runs and stole 42 bases. He is a nuisance on the base paths and plays above average defense on the hot corner.
no pitchers apply

Cincinnati Stingers
LF - Spud Riggs – 21 year old AAA prospect Spud Riggs is on a path to the show to bring some youth to the World Champion Stingers. Riggs mixture of contact and power will be a welcome addition once he is called up.
SP - Tony Newsome – Newsome is having some rookie bumps as expected but this will only help him become the pitcher scouts think he can become. The junk baller will be a productive innings eater, so far has thrown 121 innings in 19 starts with an era at 3.99.

Columbus Railbenders
SP - Jermaine Gonzales – Gonzales got a decent taste of the show last season and has yet to dispel the scouts take the he has “it” and will become a true #1 for Columbus. Through 19 starts he is 6-7 he has had some bumps with an era of 4.85 but once he puts it all together might there be future Cy Youngs in the works? Only time will tell.
CF – Yusmeiro Lee – Lee burst onto the scene last season producing solid numbers across the board; .289ba, 27 hr, 86 rbi and 19 sb. His average has dipped a tad this season as scouting reports are keener to Lee’s talent. But don’t be mistaken Lee’s talent will soon put it all together and give Columbus the franchise offensive player for years to come as long as he stays healthy.

Fargo Cats
2B -Fargo Cats – Rogers came over this season via trade and is contact guy who if given the time to develop can turn into a solid major leaguer for the Fargo Cats. A good base runner with good speed as well Rogers uses it well when one the bases and out on defense.
no pitchers apply

Florida Flame
2B - Damian Hasegawa – Hasegawa is no stranger to opposing NL teams as he is entering his 3rd full season. His play has picked up considerable this season as he already has 12 home runs (15 his is career high) and hitting .319 (up .049 points from last season). His mixture of contact, batting eye and speed Hasegawa could be looking at a potential all-star appearance in his future.
SP - Pablo Mercedes – Mercedes had 30 career starts under his belt going into this season and the young 23 year old has begun this season as one of Florida’s bull dogs. Leading his team in innings pitch while sporting a 3.84 era with 5 wins to show for Mercedes has established himself in the Flame’s rotation and will have a stronghold on it for seasons to come.

Honolulu Tsunami
1B – Tony Lieberthal – The Tsunami called up Lieberthal after 489 at bats in the minors and clearly felt the #9 pick in season 21and he is the 1B of the future for Honolulu with his contact ability and has some nice pop.
no pitchers apply

Jackson Generals
SS - Max Saenz – This 24 has been killing it the past few seasons in AAA and his batting eye is ready for major league and has some pop in his bat which could serve him to be a regular.
RP – Kevin Hudek – Jackson 2nd year man has establish himself as Jackson’s closer after his 27-28 saves during his rookie campaign. His sophomore campaign has had some ups and down 11-16 in save opportunities and so far sporting a 5.40 era.

Jacksonville Cubbies
CF- Jon Daly – The 2nd year man has been doing what scouts predicted him to do be a solid major leaguer. Hitting .311 and having an obp of .355 he has been the spark plug that got him drafted 13th overall.
no pitchers apply

Kansas City Scouts
1B - Gregg West – The next power bat in Kansas City powerful lineup is West. His rookie year produced 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases. In his sophomore year has been just about the same with West on pace for another 30-30 season and his average is .250 (.251 last season).
SP - Jorel Bonds – Bonds has had more bumps in the road then success so far early in his career but this potential innings eater has some learning still but could become a useful piece in the Scouts rotation.

Las Vegas Hangovers
C – Jesus Izturis – Last season was Izturis first full season showed why Vegas went out and traded for the young catcher. He has started off better this season playing above average defense and his bat has picked up, hitting .301 with 8 home runs. He looks to be the long term solution for the Hangovers.
SP - Slick Kubenka – An early season call up started slow for the young pitcher the Hangovers have high hopes for. However, he has found his groove and with 14 starts in 15 games an era of 3.81 with 4 wins. His stuff is that of a top of the line starter and Vegas hopes to start seeing his talent produce the numbers they expect.

Los Angeles Lunatics
DH/C – Odalis Mercedes – This once top 10 pick in the season 20 draft will soon be bringing his bat to Los Angeles. His mixture of contact and power and he absolutely crushes left-handed pitching.
P - Buck Judd – Judd got a good taste of the show last season and has helped him to the season. Pitching in relief he has been lights out only allowing 13 runs in 44.1 innings pitched. A move to the rotation in certainly in his future has is stuff will translate into a solid major league starter.

Madison Beavers
2b - Paul Hoffman – Madison’s powerful rookie has burst out of the gate with 29 home runs and an ops of .946. Hoffman has been the catalyst offensively for the Beavers and is living up to the hype that has surrounded the young kid since he was selected 22nd overall in season 20s draft.
Rl – Pedro Vega – The Beavers top relief pitching prospect is in his first season in AAA and he has the look of a kid that could soon be helping solidify the pen for years to come.

Mexico City Borrachos
1B - Alexei Rodriguez – One of prizes in the international market in season 21 showed his worth during his rookie campaign that saw him play in 122 games. He belted 41 home runs, hit .323, drove in 115 runs and posted ops of 1.040 at age 20! This season his batting average is .314 but he still showing off his power, and his astute batting eye and is a major reason why Mexico City is leading the AL in wins.
no pitchers apply

Milwaukee n/a's
3B - Hector Bennett – Bennett got a small sample size last season and showed off his power that made him one of the top prospects in the game. He has showed off some pop and speed in his first full season (15 home runs, 14 stolen bases) but has struggle with making contact hitting only .215. Milwaukee has high hopes for Bennett whose glove has him all over the diamond and will lean on him to lead the offense for years to come.
SP - Jim Allen – The crafty lefty debuted last season with an 8-12 record, tossing 196.2 innings and sporty a 4.35 era. This season Allen has lowered his era a full run and some to 3.12 and has kept Milwaukee in just about every game he has pitched. Allen will certainly be a mainstay in the n/a’s rotation.

New Britain Bombadiers
SS – Ham Cummings – His full rookie season seems so long ago for Cummings as he bounced around Burlington then to New Britain to AA and back to the show. His glove seems a little below par for SS but he makes due and with the full playing time now he is hitting a solid .268 for the Bombadiers.
no pitchers apply

Philadelphia Trappers
DH/C - Richie Walters – Philadelphia have reaped the benefits of Walters bat the instant he appeared in the show. Blasting 37 home runs while driving in 92 during his rookie campaign, Walters has shown no signs of a sophomore slump. Already knocking out 30 bombs and posting 1.017 ops Walters is a pitchers nightmare when he steps in the box and the Trappers enjoy every at bat the young man gives.
SP - Birdie Morehead – Came over via trade last season and he has begun season 24 in Philly’s rotation. Morehead has rewarded them right away with a 9-4 record in his first 19 starts and this future top of the line starter gives the Trappers a young horse to build upon.

Pittsburgh Pounders
RF - Iago Padden – This young all around talent has shown his worth in the early part of the season. He started season 24 in the lineup and major league pitching has not slowed him down at all, hitting .279 with 8 home runs, 34 rbi’s, 68 runs scored, adding 38 stolen bases Padden is what you look for in a ball player.
P – Sammy Zorrilla – A rule 5 draftee that fell happily into Pittsburgh lap, Zorrilla made the leap from AA to the show and working in long relief has given Pittsburgh 77 solid innings with a 4.21 era. The young 22 year old works with a cutter, change and slider with good velocity and control it’s a wonder how he snuck into the rule 5 draft but you won’t find a single complaint from the Pounders who will enjoy Zorrilla for seasons to come.

Sacramento Savages
C – Brad West – West has yet to have a major league at bat but he has been touted as the future back stop for the Savages. A great power bat West could hit in the majors today but they are hoping he can refine his defensive skills a bit before he gets the call to the show.
RL - Kenny Peterson – Drafted 33rd overall in the deep season 20 class, Peterson has lights out stuff that scouts across the league view as closer material. Sacramento has had a long list of establish closers in the past season and Peterson is next in line to take over. At age 22 he will be a force in the late innings for many seasons to come, NL beware.

San Francisco Begonias
1B – Al Soto – The young first baseman bat has carried him through the minors and in the early part of the season he has hit a robust .372 we will see how his bat plays in SF but for Begonias they are quite happy with the production from the 21 year old rookie in his first 164 big league at bats.
RL – Julio Bonilla – It’s been a rough start to Bonilla season as he has had trouble getting outs but the young lefty once he puts it together can be a valuable asset for Begonias in future seasons.

San Juan Pirata
2B - Anthony Jarvis – Jarvis is no stranger to the majors now entering his second full season in the show and he provided sparks for San Juan as rookie producing 29 home runs and stealing 22 bases. This season he has shown no signs of slowing down hitting 18 home runs and stealing 16 bases, could we see 30-30? San Juan is quite happy with the production out of Jarvis and will hope for good health throughout his potentially productive career.
no pitchers apply

Seattle Pilots
3B – Ike Dellucci – A small sample size last season was slow for Dellucci but he has stepped up in 233 at bats this season. The young 3b is hitting .270 with 11 home runs while playing in a pitchers park. Dellucci brings the Pilots a good solid power bat in their line up for years to come.
no pitchers apply

Sioux Falls Scalpers
RL - Chad Carr – Carr has stepped into the pen for the Sioux Falls Scaplers and he has done quite a good job. Posting a 3.49 era through 49 saving 12 games and giving up only 19 runs.
no batters apply

St. Louis Rovers
C - Pasqual Bennett – The Rovers have no lack of young catching but the prize international signing in season 19 is the future. A catcher who receives and calls the game well as well as packing a powerful bat will soon be a mainstay in the Rovers lineup for many seasons to come.
RL – Carl Purcell – The 20 year old hasn’t pitched above AA but if you ask scouts across the league they will rave about Purcell. The number 11 pick in season 22, Purcell is the absolute package for a relief pitcher. He has a hard curve and mixes it with a change and could pitch in the majors today. St. Louis is in no rush to bring up its next great relief arm and Purcell will be a force whenever that time comes.

Syracuse Marshals
SS - Esteban Beltran – The 21 year old in AAA was quite the prize in the international market fetching $23.2 million but it seems that it will money well spent. Beltran possess all the tools to be a major leaguer and while righties will always give him fits that seems to be the only blemish in his game.
SP – Ron Goldschmidt – The big 25 year old has been a welcome addition to Syracuse staff. Through 13 games (11 starts) he is 2-4 with a 3.30 era and is holding opponents to .227 ba. He looks to be a valuable piece in Syracuse staff.

Tacoma Method
SS - Dale Hogan – The 5th overall pick in season 20 is up in the bigs for the resurgent but sporadic playing time to start his career. The talent is there for Hogan who profiles more at the hot corner or 2B than SS, however, his speed and ability to work counts and get hits give Tacoma a young piece to their turn around in the NL West.
no pitchers apply

Tampa Bay Black Dogs
1B - Doug Crawford – The youth movement is in full effect down in Tampa with one of youngest most talent-laiden teams in the world. Crawford was the number 1 pick back season 20 and his bat is one of the top overall in the world. The kid can flat out rake! Last season in 464 at bats saw him blast 40 home runs and drive in 85 runs. So far in this season he already has 27 home runs with 78 rbi’s giving him an ops of .955. Tampa’s offense has a lot of young all-star talent but its Crawford who stands above the rest.
SP – Neftali Martin – While the young offensively talent garners most of the press clippings there are some young arms worthy of talk. Neftali Martin was quite the coo in the international market which Tampa was extremely aggressive in. That aggressiveness has paid off with the lefty Martin who profiles as front line starter will soon be joining the rotation once he is needed.

Texas Rangers
CF - Ramon Martin – This talented CF from Japan has not gotten off to the best of starts in Texas but the powerful lefty who is a rare lefty in the fact he actual hits them better than righties. His glove and range give no doubt that he will be patrolling CF for years to come.
SP - Lonny Patel – Patel is a young lefty with a couple of nasty pitches that get both lefties and righties out. Patel profiles more as a middle of the rotation starter but none the less a very solid SP he can become once he joins the Rangers rotation.

Toledo Berserkers
SS - Vasco Marin – The 2nd youngest on the roster Marin has shown signs of his lack of major league service time (he jumped from highA or the show). Only 129 at bats but hitting only .178 but Marin still profiles as a soild major leaguer. Scouts don’t think he will hold up at SS but a move to 3B, 2B or RF and he quickly becomes a very solid defender.
P – Bruce Fister – The youngest player on Toledo wasted no time in the minors recording only 16 starts in lowA before his jump to the show. The 7th overall selection in last season’s draft, Fister, so far, has held his in 20 innings in relief posting a 4.43 era and striking out 13 batters. It will be interesting to see his progress for Toledo who have shown great faith that Fister could make the jump to the show.

Trenton Hazmats
SS - Pedro Puente – Signed for $29.5 million on the international market Puente proved last season that he is worth it all. Making the all-star in his first full season, he hit 32 home runs, drove in 80 runs, scored 93 runs and stole 20 bases. His average is down from .274 to .262 this season but still showing pop and stealing bases. Puente when he puts it all together is one of the most talented players in Ichrio.
SP - Albert Delgado – One of top international pitchers to come into Ichrio, Delgado needed little time in the minors (9 starts) to get promoted to the show. In his first full season he went 18-5, struck out 175 batters with a 3.51 era. His numbers this season have been good 10-4 with a 3.01 era in 140.2 innings. Trenton has an ace for years to come.

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